Continuous Surveillance

360° Protection

To increase your cyber resilience, we apply 4 major principles of cybersecurity: protect, measure, detect, and react.
We are dedicated to making you more efficient, and we are able to support you in all areas of cybersecurity thanks to our mastery of best practices and our expertise developed over nearly 30 years of managed IT.
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Our cybersecurity practices


Cybersecurity allows you to surf the web with peace of mind. Empower yourself now with knowledge on hacking by taking our training program!

Phishing, cyber terrorism, cyber attacks... These are all actions that we can help you prevent with our state-of-the-art protected systems for your smart devices, computers, and all other connected devices.


In order to have high-performing and secure devices, regular updates are a must. To ensure that these updates are done effectively and correctly, our team is here to assist you. We also comply with the new Act 25, should this be required by your business.


In order to monitor in real-time all attacks and vulnerabilities on your network and all your connected devices to prevent hacking, we install the most advanced antivirus software.


The ITGS team makes sure to deploy and integrate systems and programs in your devices, in compliance with the applicable regulations. Should the need arise, our team will provide you with proper training.

Am I well protected?

Am I well protected in terms of cyber security?

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